Question: can you vibrate yor eyes

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  1. I mentioned during our CHAT that I sometimes get nystagmus – an involuntary eye movement. It’s related to an inner ear problem I have that has to do with a disorder that stuffs up my balance from time to time.

    Does it ever make you feel dizzy or sick when you do it?

    See a clip of someone’s eyes doing it on the wikipedia entry:


  2. No, that sounds kinda freaky, honestly. My eyes often don’t focus on the same thing though. So sometimes it’s easier for me to use one eye at a time, and my eye doctor one time was surprised that I could drive a car OK. But apparently my brain has found a way to determine distances without using depth perception, which seems like a neat trick to me. Maybe I should donate my brain to science when I die.


  3. I remember this question from todays chat!
    Sounds like a really cool thing to be able to do as long as you dont too dizzy doing it.

    @Kyler was talking about his eyes not doing the ‘normal’ thing. Almost eyeryone has an example of how their bodies aren’t normal but most people can just work around the problem as if it weren’t there. People born without sight or hearing are sometimes like that.


  4. No. My older daughter used to be able to vibrate her eye-lids, which was pretty weird.