Question: what is your favourite science experiment to do?

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  1. My favourite experiment is to observe with a telescope and to look for new stars and galaxies. Operating the huge instrument and looking at the pictures it takes and then figuring out what they mean is so much fun to me!


  2. One that works lol. I like making chemicals, so when I’ve made something in the lab and it all turns out right then that’s a great experiment.


  3. @choclava: I really like demontrating to people how learning theory works. These are the ideas behind how we learn. We learn much more readily and freely when we’re interested and find the learning rewarding.

    This applies to learning in animals, like dogs, as well as in people. It’s easy to set up some simple tasks for people to do and demonstrate different strategies to change and shape other people’s behaviour to see which people enjoy most as a teacher and/or as a student. This is helpful in getting people to understand an animal perspective in a training context too.

    See this youTube clip (if you can):


  4. One of my favourites when I am talking to a science class shows oxidation (burning, rusting). You make a small heap of potassium permanganate crystals with a little hollow in the top and pour a few drops of glycerin into it.
    Nothing happens! (especially on a cold day). So I say “Oh look, that is not going to work” and turn away. Behind my back, it starts to smoke and then bursts into purple flames.


  5. My favourite experiment is either making thermite just to watch it burning through metal. Heres a Mythbusters video.

    My other fav is the clock reaction. Its a little complicated to understand but it looks strange.