Question: what is your perspective on the big bang and religion

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  1. I am both a scientist and a Christian, and I believe that the Big Bang is a good description of *how* the universe came to be, but that doesn’t tell us anything about *who* did it or *why* it was done. Those sorts of questions I don’t think science can answer, so it’s fortunate we have other ways, like religion, to try to answer other questions that are important to us!


  2. @choclava: Hello! I am a scientist, but I’m not religious. I believe in a lot of values that exist in religion, but I don’t follow a particular religion or god/goddess. I think the theory of the big bang is a good explanation for how the universe began, I hope with time, scientists can unravel more about what started the big bang. Maybe you’ll be that scientist?

    Having people with different opinions in science (and about religion) can be really important in helping us answer questions. Different people can bring different perspectives and angles to a problem and by working together, we get a more complete picture that can help us come up with better ways to test theories and find answers. It’s completely OK (and wonderful) that we don’t all have the same perspective in these matters!


  3. choclava, I think scientists are pretty equally divided on being religious (Christian, Muslims, etc) and being atheists (who don’t believe there is a god). The question of whether there is a god is not a scientific question – by definition, you could never prove there ISN’T one. And I know people who would qualify as scientists who do not believe in the big bang or evolution (they are neither astrophysicists nor biologists, however).

    Like Kyler, am a Christian, but I think we should look to religion (and for Christians, the Bible) for thoughts about WHY we are the way we are and how we should live our lives (being kind to people is a good start) and leave the questions about HOW it all works to the scientists.


  4. I’m with Mia, I’m not religious and I feel that I am my own god in a way. I also think that the principles and values of religions are still applicable in my life. Things like respect, kindness, compassion, peace, loyalty, patience and basically living a decent and honest life are all good things.
    There are much more qualified scientists than I who have actually studied the universe and formulated the Big Bang theory and I have no reason to doubt that their observations are correct.


  5. Hey @choclava, thats they wonderful type of question that always move a conversation about the universe away from science completely.

    I’m not religious at all, although I went to Catholic schools. I have many friends who are also scientists that are also very religious so we always have interesting conversations with questions like you are asking.

    My personal opinion is that I think religion and science should never be talked about together. They are very different subjects are both aim to deal with different parts of our life. When religion is used to talk about the way things happen then you need to move away from thinking like a scientist.

    I think religion has its place in the world, especially when it comes to dealing with people and communities, but thats about it.