Question: Do you think it will be possible to change our eye colour in the future??

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  1. Eye colour is inherited from your parents, and you are stuck with what you get (although nearly everyone is born with blue eyes – the colour develops later).
    The apparent colour can be changed using coloured contact lenses.
    Eventually we might be clever enough to change our own genes, but this seems a pretty trivial thing to waste such technology on.
    Did you know that eye colour is linked to how susceptible you are to pain? Blue eyed people stand paind (on average) better than green eyed people.


  2. Hey! I’m green-eyed and I’m Tonka tough! I object! 😮

    Sadly, there’s already cosmetic surgery available to change eye colour (check out YouTube – heaps of clips showing and advertising).

    As Peter said, eye colour is a genetic trait and I it’s unlikely we (for example) be able to take a tablet to change our eye colour.

    I love how varied people’s eye colours are – what colour are your eyes?


  3. When I was growing up it became popular to buy special contact lenses with a different colour on them, (even if was a crazy colour or design) but they were never really healthy for your eyes.

    My eyes are blue but can change seasonally. They seem to be a little greyer with sunnier weather. I also know someone who’s eyes go bright green in the snow. And other people that have a different colour in their left eye to their right!

    It may become possible to design the eye colour of your children using genetical modification, but the best way is to choose a partner with a similar eye colour.