Question: do you think that people will change in the future

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  1. @kitty123: Hmmmmm – I’m not sure in which way you mean… Do you mean physically, in how they look? in terms of their behaviour?

    I think the answer is yes. Either way, although the physical way is likely to be a slower process.

    I think in terms of how we act and behave we will. The internet and social media have made us a lot more connected and global in the way we think. We further development in places with lots of people (like India and Africa), this will continue and I think we’ll see a steady shift towards more tolerance and understanding as a global community.

    What do you think?


  2. Mia’s right (i seem to say that a lot!)

    We’re changing all the time. Our brains change and our bodies change and all because of the place we live and whats happening around us. Sometimes this change can be quick, and it can also we over thousands of years.

    One example of slow change is our skin colour. Humans originated from an area in Southern Africa. A survivial mechanism to prevent everyone dying from skin cancer, was to increase the amount of ‘melanin’ which darkens skin colour. As we started to move to cooler climates, we needed more access to sunlight to stay healthy and this melanin slowly decreased which allowed more UV light past external layers of skin.